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Perhaps you are not familiar yet with any of Marshal's writings and would like to try a sample. The online  retailers on the Purchase page enable you to download a chapter or two of his books, but you can also sample some of his other short stories and poems right here.

In addition to his flair and passion for creating action heroes in fantasy fiction, he also has a unique ability to relate to the inner feelings of those with special needs family members or friends. "Schooldays with Wade and Wally" is a short and simple, but heart touching story of twins and their school day experiences. First published by FOCUS (Families of Children Under Stress) in their summer 2009 newsletter, this fictional tale of two brothers may cause you to reach for the tissues. Feel free to save and distribute this Schooldays story to whomever you think it would benefit and encourage.

"Paladins and Angels" is a brief collection of short stories and poems about Marshal's favorite subject - swords and battle mixed with some basic virtue and chivalry. The first short story "Power Ballad" will hopefully have you wanting to get quickly to the next page. It will give you a glimpse into this new and emerging author and hopefully will peak your interests in more of his books and writings.

 A new article released recently in "Bright Tomorrows" newsletter where Marshal shares his story in dealing with anxiety and depression in a screenplay scenario.

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