“My Master and King, the Creator of all worlds, has entrusted me, Lamathrath of the Nexus, with a duty that is mine and mine alone. I am to observe and record the stories and histories of all the Other Worlds, wherein the Name of the Lord is praised by all faithful races, be they elf, dwarf or any other. Here in the halls of my library do I write the tales of all worlds. Welcome, gentle readers!”


Library of Lamathrath's BLOG

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For centuries, the city of Silvardrassil has been cut off from the rest of the world and thrust into a state of eternal, starless night because of the folly of Fehar, who opened a connection between the city and the realm of the Shadow King. The Legion of Silvardrassil has fought the forces of the Enemy with the magical aid of the Light Bringers, a holy order of mage-priests whom the Radiant King has endowed with the power to bend the elements. The people of the city are slowly dying, but prophecy foretells that the last and greatest Light Bringer is coming.

Miriam O’Connor is a young Victorian Irish school teacher with an avaricious love for reading and mythology.  She is overjoyed when she inherits a mansion in northern England filled with a treasure trove of mythological texts.  What she truly desires, however, is to find a man like those in the old stories, who will love her truly and defend her honor.  One day while reading in the attic of the library, she finds a dusty old book filled with cryptic writing.  When she opens it, it whisks her off to the beautiful golden green country of Naofatir, where the fairylike inhabitants are caught in a battle against their terrible Enemy, the Dorchadas. There, she meets the great prince of Naofatir, and comes to discover how she can play a part in helping him save the beautiful land from destruction.

Young Léofric is troubled with strange visions of battle. He does not understand them until one day, when two warriors, an elf and a man, arrive to take him away to war. While being instructed in the ways of war, he learns that he is the Sword Dreamer, whose visions of pending battles are necessary to bring an end to the civil war in Irminsul. He learns the sacred Elven language as part of his training and of the True King, the almighty King That Is. But can Léofric’s visions truly aid the King’s Army in defeating the vengeful and power-hungry Gollmorn and his evil army? Or will the towering Silver City of Auraheim fall under the shadow of a madman's tyranny?

Embark with three different bands of heroes on three different quests, discover how the Creator of all things is worshipped in every world he has created, whether by elves dwarves or men. Witness how these ordinary men become bastions of light and champions of all things pure. Discover in this tome what it means to be a paragon of virtue; what it means to be a Paladin.

Containing one novelette written for the autism and music therapy communities, along with a collection of short and some unfinished stories, Marshal Myers shares the various snippets of his writing that have shaped his writing as a whole and enabled him to persevere to publish books of fantasy fiction. The creativity and story telling of Marshal Myers has touched many lives around the world. His quest for a well told epic fantasy story constantly propels him. His writing is a vivid expression of the warrior within; melding heroism with compassion and gallantry with battle. Marshal was born with cerebral palsy, but with the help of his Master and his family has published books of prose and poetry. Soli Deo Gloria. 

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